Information on the processing of personal data and the data processor

Any personal data contained in a complaint will be handled as follows. It is important that you understand how it works.

Data controller: A-Train Aktiebolag, company registration number 556500-3745, is the data controller for the whistleblowing function. Address: Vasagatan 11, 111 20 Stockholm, Telefonnummer: 08-58 88 90 00.

Data processor: Interactive Security is A-Trains data processor.

Legal basis for and purpose of the processing: The personal data in the whistleblowing function is used to take a position on the complaints submitted through the system and to investigate whether the implicated persons have been involved in criminal acts such as corruption or other serious irregularities. The legal basis for the processing is that A-Train has a legitimate interest in investigating criminal acts such as corruption or other serious irregularities.

Information processed: The personal data we process is the information provided in the complaint and any additional information that may be collected in order to carry out an effective investigation. The information may include, among other things, name, position and information about suspected law violations.

Data recipients: A-Train has restricted access to the data in the whistleblowing function so that only one particular internal organization can access the information to be able to handle complaints and conduct investigations and only if they need the data to perform their work.

Right to extract from the register etc.You have the right to access information on what personal data A-Train processes about you, as well as getting data rectified, deleted or ported. Contact If you believe that A-Train is violating the rules in the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, you can turn to the Swedish Data Protection Authority which is the regulatory authority.