Background and purpose

A-Train strives to maintain an open business climate and a high ethical level that is in line with our company values. We protect the safety and respect of all people who are affected by our business. A-Trains Whistleblowing-function provides an opportunity to report serious malfunctions such as fraud, corruption or other irregularities and which can be a serious threat to individuals, lives and health. By reporting suspicious or actual serious irregularities, you help us to ensure that we operate in line with our company values.

What is a Whistleblowing-function?

It is an alternative reporting channel for reporting serious maladministration to senior executives (managers, management team and board) at A-Train AB. A-Trains Whistleblowing-function is provided by an external supplier in order to strengthen the protection and anonymity of the person reporting.

What can be reported?

Only cases that concern serious misconduct against senior executives (managers, management team and board) may be reported via the Whistleblowing-function. Other types of cases should be addressed directly to A-Train. For employees, reference is made to regular reporting routes, or to contact the immediate manager, CEO, HR manager or Security Manager. Examples of cases that may be reported via the Whistleblowing-function:

  • Financial fraud (such as accounting offenses, fraud, embezzlement)
  • Bribes or corruption
  • Serious irregularities that can cause a direct danger to life and health

Protection for you reporting

When you report via the Whistleblower function, you are anonymous (if you do not choose to provide contact information) and the report is handled in the highest confidentiality.